happy new year


“Don’t be afraid to feel too much, speak too much. In a world where hearts are as cold as ice, and words are being drawn back because of the fear of rejection, always say how you feel. You never know how kind words help people with their own battle. Words are powerful, they can either kill a person, or help a wound heal faster. The choice is yours to use it.”
So, happy new year. However you had spent it, I hope there was love and happiness felt.
We often mark ends and beginnings with moments of reflection. To reflect on the year that had past, to gloss over “regrets” and maybe even pen down resolutions and goals for the year, and swear that this year will be there year for these things.

This could potentially make me come across as being resigned to fate, or maybe even a defeatist; but maybe we should do away with these resolutions and give up on trying to control every single thing that happens in life.

Bear with me here, for I am not saying that you should totally release all responsibility and accountability from yourself. I am not saying that you should not have dreams nor goals.

But that maybe, life really is what it is; Life is to be lived.

To be lived – as in to never stop trying. To continually seek out truths; truths about the world and truths about yourself. To accept others for being human, to accept yourself as being human. That not everything is given, or permanent. That life is as fragile as it is resilient. Resilience and persistence pays off, and doing good for others sometimes means walking away.

That if it needs to be said, it should be said. To be the bigger person always, but understand that it is not always easy to be that bigger person.

That not everything in life has a reason, or be made black and white. But understand where your boundaries lie.

To expect less but to always strive for more.

That the world will still go on without you, but that there are people who love you dearly for who you are so you should never force yourself into being someone you’re not just to make someone else like you better.

To love fiercely, and fearlessly.

That challenges always make us better, so be patient.

But most importantly, to cherish every day of this journey. Because there will be days where you feel like you can’t.

Because maybe, life is to be lived; in its truest and fullest. Sincere and unabashed.



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