oh hello.

Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

13906589_10153899922388111_8916555095445845686_nMaybe late nights, the flu bug and high strung emotions are the perfect concoction to inspire one to get back writing? It’s been a while.

The month of November was definitely trying. With the last 2 weeks bringing on the peak of emotional uproar. That terrifying feeling of being immensely lost and alone in this world, in spite of being surrounded by great wealth of love and support from close friends and family.

I can’t tell you if what I am going through is a “life crisis” but if you can relate, it is probably because we all go through this at different points of our wonderful twenties, each with different intensities. But the best part, is what comes after; relief and strength – and this is tried and tested.

My emotional exhaustion and flu-med induced grogginess aside, I assure you, nothing worth having comes for free. And with each storm, your sanity will be restored, and whether is a new world view, or a less rosy one – You will be thankful.

What actually inspired me to write tonight, was for 1, I turn 28 in a couple of months. And realising how many things that I used to enjoy, that I had neglected. Like writing. Writing was a big thing in my life; having majored in philosophy, but more importantly how much I love the way words can make an impact; the way words always leave me wanting more, and sometimes wanting less. A dance that begins in the mind, before we choose to express it.

My love for words aside, what I really meant this post to say, is to remind anyone who reads this and who is lost, that you will survive. The greatest pain comes when we cannot reconcile what logic tells us with what our gut says. But the thing about life is that its never always black and white.

So here are the 10 things that I’ve come to terms/coming to terms with that does it job to restore some level of sanity:

  1. “At your best, you still won’t be good enough for the wrong person. At your worst, you will still be worth it to the right person” This is not to say you aren’t good enough; no you are in every sense worth a place on this earth, so don’t settle.
  2. You are human, and so are others; you will hurt, you will make mistakes, people will never be perfect. What’s harder, but more valuable is that you forgive and move on.
  3. Time exists; Know that not everything is immediate. Sometimes, things need time, space and distance to grow. But that shouldn’t petrify/stall you. Time moves, and so should you
  4. Let go of things you can’t control, but be accountable for those that you can; Like your behaviour and how you handle your emotions. It is ok to cry when it hurts, but it is not okay to scream at someone just because you feel like it or when you can’t have your way.
  5. Stand your ground and explain feelings in a thoughtful way; Equally so, it is important to stand by your guns and remind people of your boundaries. If you don’t stand for anything, you will fall for everything and people will simply walk all over you.
  6. Show up, remember your promises and honor your words – AN IMPERATIVE
  7. Cherish your loved ones; and it doesn’t hurt letting them know every once in awhile
  8. Do all the things you wanted to do and achieve; no time like now to start cracking!
  9. Take care of your health and metal well-being; money doesn’t solve all problems
  10. Be compassionate to yourself, and extend the same respect that you have for others to yourself; you owe yourself that.


Take heart, always remember that you are loved.







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