Happy Boxing Day – DIY Cheese Board 

Christmas is a big thing for my family – with all the feasting up until Christmas Day, Boxing Day is often a lazy sluggish day. But food is still a must.

Great thing about cheese platters – the only thing that’s needed for washing once the meal is done is the board, the knives and any small serving bowl(s) one might have used to keep wet condiments in. With some planning and some homework, they are actually really simple to set up.
1. Find out what cheeses your guests like – went for a soft young cheese and a young gouda. Though I’d recommend having a third sharper or more pungent cheese to the board to make things interesting.

2.  Fresh fruit, dried fruit, something nutty and something savory: I chose fresh cherries and grapes, dried figs, spiced and salted nuts, and sundried tomatoes

3. Crunch: Meiji Crackers (table water would do too) and apple crisps

4. Wine Pairing – Pinot Gris made a good pairing with this board. The Huffington Post has a good guide: here

5. If I had a bigger group, I’d add on another fresh fruit and a meat (melon and Jamon) and maybe even a fresh minty leaf salad.
Have fun!

What would you add to your cheese board?



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