Love deeper than an ocean


“If you have been brutally hurt, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself” – Nikita Gill

Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club is the oldest Winter Swimming Club in Australia. Drawn up by its founders in 1929 and held on to till this day, the club’s constitution states that it is compulsory for fledgling members to do their time during the winter season even when temperatures plummet to single digits.

The purpose is to foster winter swimming and encourage participation in sport for all.

To be an Icebergs you must complete 75 swims over 5 years. The Icebergs swim races are handicapped races to cater for all levels of swimming ability.

I can’t say any more about how I fell in love with Bondi.



A year of life lessons; in my younger years the concept of “life lessons” seemed to connote an origin from a major life event. Instead I found those moments transient, the conclusions – “things” I’d hold on to forever.

Admittedly, I allowed myself to fall into the trap of a routine that only comprised of work, exercise, teaching, dancing, and meeting people who’d call me away from my schedule.

While that works for some and I fully agree that this is the time we make decisions that would ripple through the next 10 years – none of it would make sense at the cost of losing love, family and friends.

From me to you, the 10 standouts of 2015:

  1. Not every good act is appreciated, sometimes credit is taken away from you – definitely hurtful, but I found that sometimes this is a good thing (for you)
  2. Being the bigger person hurts at first, but what comes from it is magical – you will wince, you may curse. But you leave the situation a better person
  3. Compassion STARTS WITH being compassionate to YOURSELF – I admit to being a perfectionist and highly conscious about my fitness. But over doing exercise, self criticism for having emotions does nothing for your overall well-being.
  4. Be honest and direct, especially to those who you appreciate – Appreciate the ones you love. They deserve to know.
  5. Everything doesn’t need to have a reason – Sometimes things just are.
  6. Savour simplicity – and maybe, even hardship.
  7. The greatest words are “You are doing fine, you are fine” – you are fine.
  8. You don’t have to be perfect – cause imperfect means “i m perfect” (cheesy I know but it is true)
  9. It pays choosing the cheaper alternative (sometimes) – not every expensive thing is worth the price it commands
  10. Stay humble
 Merry Christmas, happy 2016.
You deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.

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