One heart to another

When’s the last time you peeked eagerly into your letterbox in anticipation? And we’re not talking about your online shopping haul.

Inspired by the simpler days of handwritten letters, we thought it’d be nice to forsake instant gratification for a bit and start a letter exchange project. It’s as simple as it goes:

1. Drop us an email ( with your home address and words you’d like to share with a stranger. We love encouraging messages, anything positive or motivational, or even something personal or close to your heart. Anything you desire to be heard, or shared anonymously.

2. We’ll handwrite your precious words and have them mailed to a random stranger.

3. Keep checking your mailbox because you’ll receive another stranger’s mail in exchange.

4. If sharing is caring, why not share what you’ve received on social media? Share it with the hashtag #onehearttoanother ; you never know who else’s heart you will touch.

We think there’s nothing better than spreading the love and encouragement around; seeing how tough times are pretty much universal (:

So what are you waiting for?



S & T


Note – we take your privacy seriously:

Your participation in this project is an irrevocable consent to allow us to use your details and information in a fair and reasonable manner in relation to any aspect of this project or in any capacity with our main blog (laundrylattes) or any of our chosen selected partners. Your details will not be shared with any non-authorised third-party and shall be stored in a secure database for up to two (2) years. 


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