Lessons – Adrift by David Myers


There is always some madness in love. But there is always some reason in madness – Friedrich Nietzsche

It was a surreal yet calm realisation. 26 is an interesting age that is both a beginning and an end; in one hand, you are saying goodbye to once anxiety filled days of needing to prove yourself to be a real adult, and on the other, is a somewhat nonchalant moment. Turning 26 – while significant enough to celebrate, did not come with that same bang as one’s 21st or 25th birthday. It came more like a slow simmer, the start of a build up to later “hallmark” ages in one’s life. It arrives with the acceptance that you are limited, that you won’t be young forever. The incredible sense that you are much older than just a year ago, yet energised and hopeful for things to come. The ability to let go and have faith in life, that nothing good gets away and that bad things happen but that doesn’t mean it is a bad life. You feel like you have some answers, but not entirely either.

Adrift, for the dreamers and the explorers, is both playful and honest. With items like saké infused butter with sea bream and fresh greens and decadent desserts like french toast with coconut sorbet and kopi syrup. My favorite had to be the toast – a generous spread of ricotta, dressed with preserved lemon and Okinawan black sugar.

Adrift by David Myers // Marina Bay Sands, Hotel Lobby Tower 2

website // adrift

photos // iPhone6, Snapseed and VSCO apps

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