Steps – Creme Maison Bakery 


” The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them,” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist 

AApril is a special month – being the birthday month for S and I (we must have been sisters up there in the universe before we became humans). These days growing up feels like a daily undertaking – this is not meant in any way negative. While some have disputed that growing up is “boring” and it taints the once simplicity of joy held in one’s youth, I beg to differ. Growing up opens up the mind to all the possibilities in the world, while at the same time exposes the mind to the bad and the ugly, the pain and suffering. But it is only through the understanding of these conditions that we led back to the trueness of “simple joys”. In a world such as our’s and minds limited, life is lived in a state of contrast and in flux – the beauty in simplicity, and we can only see this if we allow our minds to.

A local start-up, Creme Maison Bakery specializes in bespoke cakes and pastries. Available for order online, one can choose from a variety of floral and gourmet cupcakes and hardy tea loafs. The most distinctive feature of their products is the incredible care for detail in each item. While being breathtakingly beautiful, it is not in compromise for taste – the soul of the cake was 2 layers of valrhona chocolate sponge, held together by a rich but light layer of ganache. Delicate and unpretentious – this is the foundation of elegance, beauty in simplicity. 

Cake // Creme Maison Bakery 

Shot with iPhone 6, edits with Snapseed and VSCO apps.


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