Schemes – The Lokal

IMG_0674 IMG_0678 IMG_0675 IMG_0685IMG_0692“Coffee first, schemes later,” – Leanna Renee Hieber

Another week has seen us safely through. With April in sight, I have found that wisdom bestows itself upon open minds – no matter the “mistakes” that will be needed to be made; each serves a much needed lesson in life. With an open heart and open mind, faith is a lot less harder of a concept to grasp. Everything in its time, for the universe spans wider and more vibrant than the imaginative capacity of the human mind.

The Lokal definitely is a favorite – special almost. Where you can find house smoked salmon and cured bacon, home-made yogurt and granola and of course a pleasant cup of coffee to start/pause/end the day with. Everything about this place is done with heart, which is evident in the plates they serve. With the weekend beckoning, what better way to recharge for the week ahead than with an honest hearty brunch?

where // 136 Neil Road

fb //

3 thoughts on “Schemes – The Lokal

  1. I like the introduction text, almost as if you wrote it from the cafe. Which looks nice. Did you share the photos with the cafe? They might like it!

    Kind regards,


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